HSCRM-Health Sector Coordination, Resourcing & Monitoring

Gaualofa Matalavea Saaga
Responsible for coordinating and managing development assistance that is channeled through the MOH for health sector development. This division works to pool the resource of the whole health sector, focusing on the coordination, distribution, and monitoring of resources and finances as well as the progress of the Health Sector Program.

Sections or Units

HIV/STI/TB Program Coordinator Programming and Administration

Principal HIV & AIDs Officer

Aaone Tanumafili

Non-Communicable Disease Coordination, Programming and Implementation

Principal NCD Officer


Sexual & Reproductive Health Project

Principal Sexual Reproductive Health Officer

Perive Lelevaga

Project Finance Manager

Principal Project Finance Manager

Tovaleinuupulea Solinuu

Health Sector Coordination, Resourcing & Monitoring

Principal HSCRM Officer

Fusi Masina Tietie

Climate Change & Health

Principal Climate Change

Victoria Ieremia-Faasili