NSIHR - National Disease Surveillance & International Health Regulations Division

Provides public health surveillance services both on a national and international level, through reporting mechanisms of the International Health Regulations (IHR). The surveillance includes both Non-Communicable Diseases (CD) and relevant forums and stakeholders when necessary. It is also responsible for global disease outbreak and public health mandate. This division is also responsible for overseeing the response to imminent outbreaks of infectious diseases that may occur from time to time and has the system in place to address these issues when they occur.

Sections or Units

Disease Surveillance

Principal Disease Surveillance Officer

Miriama Asoiva

Port Health

Principal Port Health Officer

Lauasa Fotualii

Sanitation and Vector Control

Principal Sanitation Officer

Paulo Pemita Seuseu

Water Quality

Principal Water Quality Officer

Mele Tanielu